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Set In Stone has developed a stain that can produce the look of natural stone on all types of our products, including panels and other faux surfaces. The new acrylic extra strength formula comes in 16 earth tone colors or individual color concentrations to suit your needs.

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Select Individual Color or Add Up to 16 Earth Tone Colors to Set

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Amber CF/CW-630, Antique Gray CF/CW-120, Bark Brown CF/CW-280, Black CF/CW-140, Dark Adobe CF/CW-270, Dark Chocolate CF/CW-290, Deep Aqua Green CF-920, Desert Sand CF/CW-250, Fawn CF/CW-700, Gray CF/CW-130, Green CF-930, Honey CF/CW-600, Light Adobe CF/CW-260, Loden CF/CW-570, Mars Red CF/CW-240, Mauve CF/CW-225, Moss Green CF/CW-170, Natural CF/CW-110, Nutmeg CF/CW-710, Ocean Blue CF-910, Olive Green CF/CW-180, Orange CF-950, Patina CF/CW-160, Pottery CF/CW-220, Purple CF-900, Red CF-960, Red Clay CF/CW-540, Sandstone CF/CW-210, Sea Foam CF/CW-560, Terra Cotta CF/CW-230, White CF/CW-100, Yellow CF-940, Yellow Ochre CF/CW-200